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Please Read - Terms & Info

Northern Eye Security P/L and its staff are fully licensed by NSW Police Force & ACA and are fully insured

All systems and components we install comply with, and have passed Australian Standards. Our installation practices also meet all required standards

All employees and contractors have signed our code of conduct agreement

We are often asked "how cheap" or can you "match"? Without wishing to offend, and as stated above, we are fully licensed, meet all governing and legislative bodies' requirements, and where possible use Australian made products. This means we can not compete on price with non complient products of usually a lesser quality. We aim to install a product you will be happy with, is future proofed, and requires us only to return for periodic servicing or to install add-ons and upgrades. For that reason as well we rarley install a product the customer supplies

Our warranty is limited to that of the manufacturer unless otherwise agreed

Back-up batteries for alarm systems etc do not carry a warranty unless fauly at time of installation or shortly after. Blackouts / Outages, surges, lightning strikes etc effect the life of the battery. Our batteries usually last 5 years when by law they must be changed and rarely need replacing before 24 months

Any alarm monitoring specials relate only to PSTN lines

Most alarm systems according to Australian Standards, require servicing by a licensed technician twice every 14 month period. More often for wireless systems. We can include this fee into your purchase, add it onto your monitoring account, or you can pay as you go. It is similar to when you buy a new car, where repairs are covered by warranty, but you still have to have it serviced. This also gives your insurer less reason to argue in the unfortunate case of an incident when it comes to paying out

Damage by fire, flood, lightning, surges, vandalism, earthquakes, customer abuse, and work performed on our systems by persons other than our staff may void warranty

All goods remain the property of Northern Eye Security P/L until all cheques have cleared

If you would like clarification of anything above please feel free to email your questions

Happy Clients

Most of our clients guard their privacy well so will not appear on this list. Our customers and sites listed below have not objected to being mentioned here, but have requested they not be called for references without prior notice (as you can understand)

Traffic Pro – People Counting Systems

·         Oztec Group

·         Star City

·         Castle Mall

·         Leading Edge Books

Alarm & CCTV Systems

·         Commonwealth Bank Arcade Hornsby

·         Flight Centre Building Bathurst St Sydney

·         Greenway Offices Parramatta

·         Greenway Arcade Parramatta

·         Imaginate

·         Leading Edge Jewellery Stores – Various

·         Leading Edge Music Stores – Northern Beaches

·         Leading Edge Group – Head Office

·         Leading Edge Security  - Consultant

·         Leading Edge Security Products – Contractor / Consultant

·         Leading Edge Video Stores - Various

·         Major Mitchell Protection Services – Consultant / Consultant

·         Murray’s Building - Parramatta

·         Vidguard – Consultant /  Consultant

·         Wilcomm – Consultant / Consultant