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Recently my landline went dead which I only used for my alarm
Phone company booked in a technician to resolve the issue
They asked if I had an alarm and I explained that it was the sole purpose of the landline
Technician installed one of those new modems and connected to it the landline
Upon leaving he asked if I had a alarm of any kind because most do not work on these new type of modems.
He gave me a very short list of brands know not to work.
After a week of trying every trick in the book, I could only get AC fail or power loss signal to report back to base, and nothing to call my mobile. I guess they then had to add this brand to the list.
If you have any kind of alarm please check with you technician before he does any work. Make sure he knows you have an alarm on the phone line.

Remember a few years ago when we were told to register for NBN even it was still years away in your area so we could keep our existing landline numbers?
Remember they also told us to order a port to be left open for PSTN devices to still work?
It's OK, I wouldn't have either except for the industry news letters I keep getting.
Once NBN comes to your town your handsets, dial up devices including alarms cease to operate. Kind of like the Y2K scare only this will actually happen. From our experiences so far, even when orders have been placed there's been a lot where that just hasn't happened

Keep Calm it's OK !

Chances are if we installed your alarm we just need to add on module of your choice.
We use Permaconn for IP or Dual Path Industry Specific GPRS which polls similar to Securitel used to do over the standard phone network. Direct Wireless is used where Permaconn is N/A
We use IP via cloud to smart phone apps or GSM for customers who don't required back to base.

For clients who don't have ELK M1, NESS D16X, Smart Living, Risco Agility or Light Sys, we can add a slave Permaconn which connects to our Grade1 Monitoring Centre or GSM to call your mobile so long as your alarm has a dialler and is a 'professional type'

If purchased from an electrical place or online you may sadly be about to find out why the price was so cheap

The idea was to try and lightly share info about phone lines, modems, NBN etc without being too technical and too boring.

Also to let you know that when your alarm stops working you may not need a total upgrade of your entire system and if a sales person knocks on your door pushing you to sign up now to get a massive discount, a fee free months monitoring, and a handy take anywhere back scratcher, check elsewhere first as you may only need a piece of hardware $200-300 if you alarm isn't too old
We are always happy to answer an email question you may have