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2016 has seen the release of a few exciting new products
There are two more to be released in April so we will update this page then
Please contact us regarding packages and prices.
We are currently able to do HD upgrades for systems that are run in coaxial cable and we can do this in stages as the new NVR is a Trybrid which takes HD IP and Analogue. This means you an upgrade the recorder, and then cameras can be upgraded at any stage.
We also have straight IP HD and old school analogue.
System sizes are generally 4-32 cameras, however we can tailor large IP campus style systems if required

Please note we do not compete on price as it's always a case of comparing apples and chocolates and we only install products we sell but we do sell DIY Kits.
People ask why is our price more than something online or in ALDI etc..? For a start our systems come with hard drives. Ours are set up ready to go and you receive free training and you get after sales support. Are you going to call Aldi while the police wait for you to back up onto USB the images they need now? Specification may look similar if they are cleverly written and most people don't pick up on rate differences Global Vs Camera. And there is the Austel and Australian Standards Approval which I've seen come in to question from Insurance companies.
Our labour rates are fixed as well but are comparable to other companies, often lower. Most companies will have a different price. All of us will have a greater price than a guy - a friend knows- who knows someone - who dabbles etc.
In NSW we need a company license and a personal license and a cabling license to install these.
We are licensed, insured, Australian, pay our GST and we answer our phones after the sale and are keen to help out of you've not used it for a while and forgot....hey that happens to us all :-) 

All systems now come with free phone apps
No port forwarding required on Iphone/Android

1.3 - 3 Mp and still growing
See the difference

Affordable kits for home or small business
DIY or we can install for you

16 - 32 Camera systems and beyond